get into rehab fast

Get into Rehab Fast

Someone addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can be years into their addiction before it suddenly, and often dramatically, reaches the urgent nexus point of a life-threatening situation.  

Many addicts won’t even consider getting help until their addiction becomes a full-blown emergency, and then will begin the crazed process of finding an available bed.  They know they need to get into rehab fast, but soon realize that it may be easier said than done.

Whether it is an alcoholic who shakes so badly when they don’t drink that they can no longer even drive a car, or a heroin addict who continually finds themselves passed out in a park, a car, or on the bathroom floor, a sense of urgency begins to emerge.  There is a line that has been crossed, where death becomes a realistic possibility if they don’t get into treatment immediately.  The problem is, waiting lists and financing roadblocks can dangerously delay the effort to get into rehab fast, resulting in many addicts never making it into a program.

Same-day Detox Admittance

Without doubt, there are many emergency situations that call for a forced admission to the highest level of care available.  These would include overdoses, suicide attempts or threats, an acute medical emergency, or a psychotic break.  When danger to self is clearly evident, every attempt to gain immediate admission to an inpatient facility should be made.  

A crisis isn’t the only circumstance that would warrant speedy admission to a rehab.  It could be that after years of attempts to coax a loved one to get treatment, the day comes when they are finally willing.  That moment must be seized, before the addicted mind convinces them they are fine and don’t really need rehab.  In these cases it is wise to plan ahead and know what resources are available that can quickly facilitate an admissions intake interview and get your loved one into rehab fast, including transportation arrangements to the addiction rehab.

The Fallacy About Waiting for Addict to Hit Bottom

A popular ideology regarding when the time is right for rehab is the idea that the addict must first hit bottom.  The thinking goes that if the addict is pushed into alcohol and drug treatment before they are totally committed to sobriety it will fail.  Examples of an addict losing everything before bottoming out and seeking treatment on their own often accompany this line of thinking.  In many ways, this concept has merit, considering how difficult it is to help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.

However, the “bottom” varies by individual.  For some addicts, they may reach their bottom after a job loss is followed by the breakup of their marriage, feeling they have lost everything they care about.  For other addicts, their bottom is death.  This is why it is dangerous to stubbornly adhere to this threshold, of hitting bottom, before acting in your loved ones best interest and knowing instinctively when the addiction is becoming life threatening.  Waiting for the addict to hit their bottom may be too late, so pay attention to your instincts and don’t delay.

Addiction Helplines Expedites Rehab Admissions for You

Whether a sense of urgency is demanding immediate admission to rehab, or you just want to put a plan in place for reference when a loved one is ready, Addiction Helplines is here to help expedite the process.  Getting your loved one into rehab fast is our utmost priority, and with a large national network of high quality addiction treatment providers we will make that happen.  

Our compassionate treatment specialists will guide you through the process of locating the best rehab for your needs, and even help arrange transportation if necessary.  We will take into account your specific needs and preferences, including whether there is a co-occurring mental health condition.  For more information and a free insurance check, call us today at (877) 228-3270.